Hi there, you music loving folks, Welcome to the Murray & Falkenau homepage. The Contemporary Folk / Roots Duo (based in Galway City in the west of Ireland) are currently celebrating the release of their debut album “The Leipzig Sessions” on CD and in download format. Featuring Anna Falkenau (Fiddle, Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Ivan Joseph Murray (Guitar, Vocals and Lyrics) the album is a blend of subtle, rootsy yet powerful songs and tunes touching on Irish and American traditions. Recorded in the German city of Leipzig it contains four original compositions by Ivan Murray (Wake up the Neighbours, Song for Little Man, Riposte and Western Plains) and two from Anna Falkenau (The Leipzig Jigs 1 & 2 and Ivan’s Waltz) The remainder of the album is a mixture of Irish and American fiddle tunes and a cover of American songwriter, Joseph Arthur’s “In the Sun”. All told, it makes for a highly enjoyable and rewarding listening experience challenging listeners to open up to a variety of tastes and styles. Check out “The Leipzig Sessions” for yourself on the music player; you wont be disappointed! There are a variety of options to buy the album: here, in good old-fashioned record stores and online: click on BuyCD for more details. Thanks for visiting & listening! Murray & Falkenau hope to see you in the real world at one of their shows soon!

Latest Buzz about the Leipzig Sessions:

The Leipzig Sessions are featured as ALBUM OF THE WEEK on Glasgow’s Celtic Music Radio. Listen to an Interview with Ross Mafadyen and tracks from the album on Saturday 25th of February from 12 noon and from midnight and also on Monday, 27th February from 6pm (GMT) on www.celticmusicradio.net

“Thanks for sending in the CD to ‘The Fiddle & Harp’ Celtic/World Music, www.womr.org – Cape Cod. I played a few of your tunes on Monday the 14th Nov!! Played ‘The Leipzig Jigs’ and just love the tone and precious fiddle playing…wonderful rhythm! So nice and deep!!” (Dinah Romig Mellin, presenter at WOMR 92.1FM)

Thanks a million for sending me your CD that quickly. Top notch as is your CD! Your music tickles my toes, shivers my spine and gladdens my heart…(Peter Kessler, Switzerland)